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You can create the campus of the company by following the given steps: STEP-1: Click on Master tab and select Company. Companies list will appear.

STEP-2: Select the company to create the campus for that particular company.

STEP-3: Right click on that company and select Add Campus. The Campus form will appear.

STEP-4: Enter campus name in Display Name field.

STEP-5: Select GST Registration number in GST Registration field.

STEP-6: Enter City, Print Name and Unique Code for campus.

STEP-7: Fill Address, Statutory and Config details.

STEP-8: Click on Save button.

Note: You can add campus:

  1. To your campus also by clicking on Add Campus in right click menu.
  2. Right click on Invoice and select Add Campus.


Click on Master menu and select Campus. The list of all campuses will display.


You can edit your campus by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the campus that you want to edit. Right click on that campus. Click on Edit Campus option. Your campus details will display.

STEP-2: You can edit details and click on Save button. Your campus details will save successfully.

Note: You can edit campus:

  1. By right click on payment customer or vendor and select Edit Campus.
  2. By right click on Invoice and select Edit Campus.