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After sign-in your account, first you have to create a company. It means that you have to enter some details of your company to link your company with this web application. Follow the given steps to create your company:

STEP-1: Click on New menu and select Company. The Company form will appear.

STEP-2: Enter name of your company in Name field.

STEP-3: Enter your company’s PAN No. in PAN No. filed.

STEP-4: To add GST Registration Number, click on Add Registration button. New fields will appear to enter some details.

STEP-5: Fill the details.

STEP-6: Now enter details of your head office in Address tab.

STEP-7: Click on Config tab and enter your brand name and starting date of your business in Fin Start Date field.

STEP-8: After entering all details, click on Save button. When you click on save button, progress bar will appear on left side and success message will appear.


Click on Master menu and select Company. The list of all companies will display.


You can edit your company by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the company that you want to edit. Right click on that company. Click on Edit Company option. Your company details will display.

STEP-2: Edit the details and click on Save button. Your company details will save successfully.

Note: You can edit company by:

  1. Right click on Campus and select Edit Company.
  2. Right click on Invoice and select Edit Company.

Credit Type

If you select credit type as total, it means that your company receives 100% tax credit and if you select credit as partial, it means that your company does not receive 100% tax credit.