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You can create customer by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Click on New tab and select Customer. The Customer form will appear.

STEP-2: Enter the name of customer in Party Name field.

STEP-3: Enter the PAN No. of customer in PAN No. field.

STEP-4: Enter address, city, web address, pin code, ph. numbers, fax numbers and email address in Address, City, Web Address, PinCode, Ph. Numbers, Fax Numbers and E-mail fields respectively.

STEP-5: Select Country, State and GST Reg Type (Customer Registration Type).

STEP-6: To add branches of your party, click on Add Branch button.

STEP-7: Enter the details of branch of your party. You can add more branches just clicking on Add Branch button.

STEP-8: To copy the address of the customer to its branch, click on Copy Address from Main Party button.

STEP-9: Click on Save. Shortly you will receive a success message if you enter the correct entries.


Click on Sales tab and select Customers. The list of customers will display.


You can edit your customer by following the given steps: STEP-1: Select the customer that you want to edit. Right click on it. Select Edit Party. The form will display.

STEP-2: Edit the details of Customer.

STEP-3: Click on Save button.

Gst Reg Type

This field explains the status of customer. It is used to generate the various reports. There are four types of registration:

  1. Registered
  2. Unregistered
  3. Composition
  4. UIN Holders