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To view details about GSTR2, click on GSTR2 Menu -> …….

B2B Invoices

To view B2B invoices and Credit/Debit notes, click on GSTR2 -> B2B -> ……….

Inward Supplies from Registered Taxable Persons

Credit/Debit Notes Registered

B2BUR Invoices

Inward Supplies from Unregistered Taxable Persons

Credit/Debit Notes Unregistered

IMPS Invoices

Import of Service

Credit/Debit Notes Unregistered

IMPG Invoices

Import of Goods

Nil Rated Invoices

Composition, Nil Rated, Exempted and Non-gst Inward Supplies

Advance Tax Invoices

Tax Liability on Advance Paid Under Reverse Charge

Adjustment of Advance Tax Paid Earlier for Reverse Charge Supplies

ITC Reversal


Return Summary

Advance Tax Paid Summary

Advance Tax Adjusted Summary

Vendor Summary

HSN Summary Details