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Step-1: Connect with GSTN

STEP-1: Select the invoice and right click on it. Select Open GSTN GSTR3B Sync. The sync page will display.

STEP-2: Click on Connect button. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number.

STEP-3: Enter the OTP. Click on Submit. Success: Token Obtained message will show.

Note: If your token is existing, when click on connect, it shows Existing token message.

Step-2: Generate Payload

To check the request payload of GSTR3B summary, click on Generate Payload button.

Generate Payload will be downloaded in the form of json file. You can open json file with Notepad.

Step-3: Save To GSTN

To save GSTR3B summary to GSTN, click on Save to GSTN button. After saving summary, Success message will appear.

Step-4: Download Summary

You can check the summary of gstr3b that you have saved to gstn for particular post period. To download the summary of saved invoices, click on Download button in Summary section.

Your downloaded summary will be display on sync page. Make sure that summary and downloaded summary shown on sync page should be same.