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You can create your purchase invoice by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Click on New menu and select Invoice Purchase. The Purchase Invoice form will appear.

STEP-2: Select name of vendor in Vendor field.

STEP-3: Enter invoice number in Invoice No. field.

STEP-4: Select invoice type in Invoice Type field. If any invoice type has sub type, Invoice Sub Type field will appear. Suppose you select B2B invoice type, you will see B2B invoice type field.

STEP-5: Select Campus.

STEP-6: Select Supply Type.

STEP-7: Select Place of Supply.

STEP-8: If your invoice attracting reverse charge, select Yes in Reverse Charge field otherwise select No.

STEP-9: Select Division.

STEP-10: Click on Add Item button to add item in your invoice. For add more than one item you have to click on Add Item again. The new item will add in your invoice.

STEP-11: Fill the details of item/items.

STEP-12: Fill Eligibility, CESS Credit and Tax Credit fields in case of tax credit.

STEP-13: Click on Save button. If your invoice has errors, it will give indication with red mark otherwise saving progress bar will show and Success message will display.


Click on Purchase menu and select Invoices. List of purchase invoices will display.


You can edit purchase invoice by using the following steps:

STEP-1: Select the invoice that you want to edit. Right click on it and select Edit Purchase Invoice. The Invoice Purchase form will display.

STEP-2: Edit the invoice details and click on Save button.


You can delete the sale invoice by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the invoice that you want to delete. Right click on it. Select Edit Purchase Sale option. The Invoice Purchase form will appear.

STEP-2: Click on Delete button. After progress bar, dialog box will appear. Click on Save.

Supply Type

When address of vendor and place of supply is in same state then supply type should be INTRA otherwise it should be INTER.

Zero Tax Item

If your item is considered as zero tax item (tax rate =0) then you have to select one of the four zero tax types:

Nil Rated


Non -gst

Compounding Dealer

Zero Rated Invoice

B2B -> SEZWOP (SEZ without payment) invoices are known as zero rated invoices. Items of these invoices are zero tax items.